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St. Vincent’s Hospital

Project type

Air Conditioning


Darlinghurst, Sydney


Every Trade Interiors



St. Vincent’s Heart Valve Bank –

Beaver Williams supplied and installed three off Air Handling Units (AHUs) serving the new ward with associated installation Hepa filters, room pressure control (install pressure stabilise damper).
Equipment included a full Siemens Building Management System control on the HVAC systems, power, medical gas & Environmental Monitoring System (EMS).
We supplied and installed a new EMS monitoring system.

St Vincent’s PET-CT –

Beaver Williams modified the Chilled Water (CHW) system to serve two new Siemens MRI machines, supply & install chilled water Fan Coil Units (FCUs) serving MRI control; rooms.
We supplied and installed exhaust ductwork to serve the fume cupboards and Biosafety Cabinets.
We supplied and installed a new Siemens Building Management System (BMS) to interface MRI CHW system included control valves, pressure/flow switches serving MRI Chilled water cabinets. As well as interconnected the new BMS to central Siemens BMS in the hospital.

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