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Commercial Air Conditioning System Selection

Whether you are opening a new facility or undertaking a tenancy refit, the selection of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is a critical decision. The choice of system and design has a major effect on the comfort, safety, productivity of occupants, and the long-term energy efficiency controlling operating costs. At Beaver Williams, we are available to guide you in the key considerations required when installing a commercial air conditioning system.

Commercial HVAC systems are highly specialised due to the unique nature of each facility and building. For optimal performance, factors such as capacity, efficiency, zoning, maintenance, and budget are considered.

Following is an overview to help get the process started in thinking about the requirements of your facility, and the best outcome for its occupants when it comes to a new HVAC system.

Facility Space

The size and layout of the facility will guide all other factors so this is the best place to start. Consider the square footage of the floor space, vertical height, number of rooms as well as how the facility is designed and how it will be used. This will determine the required capacity of the system to be installed. Using these factors, engineers will do a cooling and heating load calculation to determine the required system capacity.

Energy Efficiency

Making an investment in an efficient, sustainable, system at installation is a smart decision. This will reduce your overall outgoings giving you control of operating costs and providing long-term savings. Commercial HVAC experts can help you select the most efficient system according to your budget.


If the commercial facility is a reasonable size, zoning is the way that the space is divided into independently controlled climate zones. Each zone has differing heating and cooling necessities based on its purpose.

For larger facilities, building automation will efficiently drive mechanical systems to reduce running costs, providing greater control of temperature in the building by managing the climate conditions across multiple zones.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Ongoing preventative maintenance is fundamental to keep your HVAC system running at its optimal performance and up to the standard that it was designed to when it was first installed. Ongoing maintenance serves to extend the life of your HVAC system, keep energy usage to a minimum, and avoid emergency breakdowns that bring expensive unforeseen repairs.


The short-term costs for installation and choice of equipment must be considered along with long-term operating costs based on energy efficiency ratings. Creating a thorough cost-benefit analysis will assist you in reaching your best solution.

At Beaver Williams we can provide value engineering options to help you get the most out of your budget with all your requirements in mind. Our professional and dedicated team is deeply committed to always keeping you in control. Covering climate control, efficiency, and compliance, we love working with you to work out a solution.

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