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HVAC Efficiency - Bottom Line Impact

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Up to 50% of a commercial building’s energy use is consumed by the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System. Improving HVAC Efficiency can reduce energy usage through maintenance or upgrades to more efficient technology. Energy savings can be up to 50% depending on the methods used and opportunities available.

An Energy Crisis

Australia is on the brink of an energy crisis with prices set to rise even further. Treasurer, Jim Chalmers, confirmed today that wholesale electricity prices are up 237% since the end of March. This is doing enormous damage to businesses.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

A HVAC Maintenance plan will avoid a surge in energy consumption by maintaining equipment running at its optimal operating point. A preventative maintenance plan is a great place to start with good short-term rewards. The returns on investment can be measured in months.

What Can Be Done

With energy prices soaring, it’s time to talk to us about how we can help you save. There is so much we can do including, but not limited to, installation of building automation systems, variable speed drives, and CO monitoring systems to ensure that equipment is only running when required. Upgrades to motors, pumps and fans will ensure the right selection for its current duty. We can tell you if the system requires tuning or if a more energy-efficient equipment selection can reduce running costs.

Minimal investments in the upgrade of equipment can increase operating performance and avoid ongoing expenditure, due to the surge in energy costs. Beaver Williams can provide support and advice to identify, which equipment would best suit your needs.

Energy Savings and Other Benefits

The benefits of preventative maintenance are many and include reduced operating costs – savings on energy and water usage, reduced ongoing maintenance & repair costs, improved reliability of systems and occupant comfort as well as environmental performance, among others.

Get In Touch

Talk to us today about a preventative maintenance plan to keep your plant running at optimal performance, reducing existing operational costs, and preventing future unwarranted expenditure.

Beaver Williams has a large team of service and maintenance experts ready to work with you to find your ideal solution. Ask us about energy efficiency today!

We are committed to ensuring that You’re in Control.

Please call us today 02 9997 4244.

We make efficiency our focus so that you don’t have to waste energy on it.


Potential energy savings will vary greatly from one HVAC system to another due to the complexity involved.

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